Drugs are defining as medicines or other substances (natural/artificial) which when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body alters the functions either physically and/or psychological.
Drug culture refers to rites, rules and rituals associates with a particular drug, including terminology, user etiquette mannerisms even group preferences such as style, age, and sexual orientation. It began with groups and tribal villages over the world. Holy men and Shamans used different drugs spiritually and ritualistically to connect with Mother Nature and listen to the planet. After they saw ‘wisdom and truths’ that came from those who were using these hard drugs, people wanted to try them and reach this perception for themselves. As time goes by, they found pleasuring the drugs use, and they decided to take them to around the world, altering and adapting its use to suit modern-day demands of acceptability. And that is how the drug culture has evolved.

This project is based on medical and psychological studies of how drugs affect people behaviour. I created a graphic representation of its mental repercussion on the basis of medical information and experiences of people who have taken these drugs.