Sexual abuse is a worldwide problem based on a sexual conduct, or a sexual act forced upon anyone without their consent. Sexual abuse is an act of violence that the predator uses against someone weaker. It is not an uncontrollable sex drive; it is a crime committed with the only and unjustifiable purpose of controlling and humiliating the victim. Sexual violence is a social phenomenon that exists in every society that allows gender inequality and aggressive conduct.

This project has made me think about how society sometimes does not know how to prioritize social issues, that the law in some countries should be actualized and we all need to support each other in order to grow morally because you never know what is behind every person. Doing this project has been hard, as well as hearing their horrible stories and feeling their pain. it has been worth it because I feel and know, that I have helped these people to be heard, vent themselves, and make them know they are not alone because through this project someone is hearing.

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